How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme for 2016?

If you are fresh to WordPress and searching for reasons to use WordPress as a CMS (website cms) in your new website, allow me to provide you with some more info.

I’m a big fan of WordPress for 7-8 years now, and ,i use it for Internet Marketing purposes, and for my personal Internet Marketing business .

People choose different themes for different reasons. Many will pick a specific WordPress theme because it features their favorite color. Many others will go for a theme which includes attractive graphics. But is that all?

Definitely, it’s not about what you like. Instead, it’s about what your target audience will be comfortable with. It’s about what fulfills the purpose that you have in mind. And there are a lot of other things to consider while choosing a theme for your WordPress blog.

Let’s discuss the selection process in a bit more detail.

Let’s go…

Why WordPress?

Simple explanation…

Open source
WordPress is definitely an Open Source software that allows so that it is used free of cost. You can use it on any kind of personal or commercial website without need to pay a single dime for it. It is built on PHP/MySQL (which is again Open Source) and licensed under GPL.
Easy to useYou don’t need to be experienced to use WordPress on your website. Nowadays most of the website hosts give you the opportunity to install WordPress on your site at a single mouse click. The administration section is straightforward to navigate and its even simple to add articles/content to your website.Themes Support
You won’t ever run short of of templates when utilizing WordPress. If you don’t such as the themes that are included with the default installation of WordPress, you are able to hunt on the Internet and you will discover a huge number of free themes that you can download and use for your website. There are themes which may even make your website look like a regular site rather than a blog.Plugins Extend Functionality
WordPress plugins permit you to do just about anything that you would like and can be installed in a jiffy. For example, you want to paginate your blog posts, just look on Google and you will locate fairly easily the appropriate plugin that will easily do the job for yourself.

Standards Compliant
WordPress is a software that follows all the Web Standards and keeps your website or website compliant to all the rules that has to be followed when running a website.

SEO Friendly
Search engines like Google need to be definitely kept in mind when creating a website. WordPress uses different functions which allow it to be search engine friendly. For example sending pings to other sites, making categories, tagging your posts, use of h1/h2 tags etc.

Large community Support
As for each recent data, WordPress is actually utilized upon more than 1% regarding the websites on the Web in the globe. There is a big user community backing the actual development of this particular software. So, when you encounter any problems, you can easily proceed through all the actual accessible WordPress blogs forums as well as communities and discover advice with regard to all your questions.

Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

One of several absolutely wonderful features about using WordPress to create your websites is that you can use a WordPress theme if you like. Even if you must customize and tweak each new theme, it really is seriously easy to affect the whole outlook of one’s WordPress website within a few minutes.

Themes are Available in Millions: How Do You Choose the Best?
As mentioned above, there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes. There are different themes for different markets. There are themes that specifically suit the requirements of online magazines, news portals, realtors, photographers, authors etc.

In addition, there are WP themes for which you’ll need to pay a specific amount. There are others which you can avail for free. Different themes have different types of color backgrounds, header designs, navigation structure, functionalities etc. That makes choosing the best quite tough.

Choosing a Theme to Suit Your Requirements
Selecting the right theme can be an easy task only when you are completely aware of the goals you want to achieve with your blog. You may start a blog for a specific reason. Some people blog just to fulfill their personal desire. Some people blog to establish their expertise and make connections. There are others who start blogging to make money online.

To choose the best of them all, you should –

Be clear of your purpose
Prepare a list of features you want
Check out the popularity of the theme
Find out whether the theme is search engine friendly
Ask for feedback from users
Make sure technical support is always at hand

Certainly, the best WordPress blog theme is that which is in tune with your goals. If you blog simply out of a personal desire, you may want to pick a theme from a wide range of free options. If you want to use your blog to grow an online business, you may need to part with some money. Since you would want to establish a professional image for your business, spending the money will absolutely be worth the effort.

Choosing the most effective WordPress theme for your website

Possibilities are hours searching for the correct WordPress theme for the website which is often a tremendous total waste. Most people try this if they are starting by helping cover their building websites. Eventually you may understand that it is advisable to merely stay with several select themes for your multiple websites. Now you can choose to use a free theme or even a paid theme, no matter which one fits you.

Whats the main difference from the paid WordPress theme as well as a free WordPress theme?

— Paid WordPress Themes have loads more features.
— If you buy a WordPress theme you can get help and support.
— If you buy a multiple website license you can use the theme on as much websites as you wish.
— Sometimes free WordPress themes have bugs and problems.
— There is absolutely no definite support help with a totally free WordPress theme.

Free WordPress themes are great when you find yourself starting out and are trying to never spend too much money on your own website. However keeping up with the phrase “you get what you pay for”? Well I am not saying free themes aren’t good, because they’re, you can definitely find some terrific themes. The problem is you have to find it first.

It’s my job to check out search and type in “free WordPress themes” and some great websites come up. One thing about free WordPress themes, is that there will be no guaranteed support in most cases. Free is free right? This can be significant as having great technical support, it can help you save hours of heart ache and stress. A totally free WordPress theme isn’t necessarily the best WordPress theme to pick.

Why’s the correct WordPress website theme important?Discovering the right or best WordPress theme is vital since you will need to accept it and customize it. You will have to view it daily and know how to use it to your benefit. What happens if you choose a topic and customize it in order to find that certain of the main plugins you have doesn’t work with this theme? What another waste of time. Choosing the best WordPress theme in your case is vital. Imagine if your web site would be a review website, shouldn’t after this you have a very review WordPress theme to generate life easy. What if you’d a genuine estate website? It might be better for business if you used a WordPress theme developed particularly for real estate.


Additional Tips
Choosing the best theme may prove to be confusing, if you try to please just everyone. Truth be told, a single WordPress theme design can’t make everyone happy. So, don’t bother about that.

Also don’t worry about the colors of the theme you have chosen. The colors can be easily changed later. In fact, you should focus your attention on the various visual elements and how they will be placed on the blog.

You can’t immediately make your blog design look as good as one of the many professional bloggers out there. Most of the popular bloggers have hired theme designers or web developers to fine-tune the theme design.

If you are looking for a great, free blog  that has all options of premium highly customized magazine themes, Scripteden free theme is the best options for any bloggers. You will be getting everything in this theme what you need for your custom blog.Now that you have a bit of an idea what a WordPress theme actually is and the availability of options, you should be ready to choose one which satisfies your goals as well as suit your target audience the best.

Please feel free to post your questions, doubts or views in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to help.

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