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Eden UI 2.0 – Drag and Drop Bootstrap Template Builder

Fresh & Minimalist Web Components for Your Next Design Project. Built With Bootstrap 4. Just Drag and Drop ui components to build an awesome new template in a minute.

Eden UI 2.0 Features:

  • Build custom HTML pages using predefined HTML elements
  • Create your own custom HTML elements with ease
  • Integrates seamlessly with CSS frameworks (like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc)
  • Create multiple pages in one session
  • Edit CSS, links, images (uploading possible) and icons (integrates with Font Awesome)
  • Export the created pages (incl. CSS, JavaScript and images)
  • Basic editing of written content (only available for non-IE browsers)

Replace  Eden Builder With Your Own HTML Blocks

Eden Builder makes it extremely easy to configure the script with your own HTML template, allowing users to easily create custom pages! It’s very easy to integrate your own HTML elements (simply create the element files and configure the `elements.json` file.

Besides adding your own HTML elements, you can also easily configure which elements are allowed to be edited (CSS) by the user and which CSS attributes are editable. You can even go as far as specifying values from which the user can choose for certain CSS attributes (for example, COLOR can be either: red, black or yellow). Eden Builder allows for total flexibility and control!

Eden Ui Home Page : More Details

Example Templates Link : Eden Ui Landing Pages demo

Landing Pages :

eden ui kits



  • smacbca

    i want to purchase it but tell me, if i purchase Standard licenses,
    then how many templates can i export with this eden ui.
    and in how many website i can use these build templates

    • Script Eden

      You can export as much as template as you want, but license valid for single domain only, for unlimited templates and domains, you will need to purchase unlimited license 🙂

  • smacbca

    but can i use exported templates in different domains or different projects with standard license

    • Script Eden

      Standard license is for single domain/project only. One template or many template is not an issue here.

  • Jose Acosta

    Before I purchase this builder I’d like to know if it includes documentation on how to build custom blocks. Thank you!

  • Jessica Brown

    I bought Item: Eden UI 2.0 – Drag and Drop Bootstrap Template Builder for 22 dollars.
    I am a developer and all I need is the code but after purchasing it I am unable to download the code.
    I logged into wp and see Script Eden on the wp. That’s great but I don’t use WP.
    I then logged into the Script Eden user dashboard. It is showing zero orders.
    Can someone help me resolve this issue?

  • Jessica Brown

    It is now showing in the user dashboard. Thanks!!!

  • Jessica Brown

    Where can I find the documentation for this script? Right out of the box It has errors when trying to add a second block.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘querySelector’ of null
    at new IsoGrid (main.js:88)
    at main.js:263
    at main.js:283
    builder.js:484 Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin “null” from accessing a cross-origin frame.
    at heightAdjustment (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/builder.js:484:37)
    at HTMLIFrameElement. (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/builder.js:297:7)
    at HTMLIFrameElement.dispatch (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/elements/js/jquery-2.1.1.js:3:6404)
    at HTMLIFrameElement.r.handle (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/elements/js/jquery-2.1.1.js:3:3179)
    builder.js:199 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the ‘contentDocument’ property from ‘HTMLIFrameElement’: Blocked a frame with origin “null” from accessing a cross-origin frame.
    at HTMLIFrameElement. (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/builder.js:199:10)
    at Function.each (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/elements/js/jquery-2.1.1.js:2:2880)
    at n.fn.init.each (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/elements/js/jquery-2.1.1.js:2:847)
    at HTMLLIElement.start (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/builder.js:197:33)
    at e.(anonymous function).(anonymous function)._trigger (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/jquery-ui.min.js:6:12929)
    at e.(anonymous function).(anonymous function)._trigger (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/jquery-ui.min.js:7:419)
    at e.(anonymous function).(anonymous function)._trigger (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/jquery-ui.min.js:6:7903)
    at e.(anonymous function).(anonymous function)._mouseStart (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/jquery-ui.min.js:6:25004)
    at e.(anonymous function).(anonymous function)._mouseStart (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/jquery-ui.min.js:6:7903)
    at e.(anonymous function).(anonymous function)._mouseMove (file:///Users/jessica.brown/Desktop/Eden-UI-2.0-Drag-and-Drop-Bootstrap-Template-Builder/Builder%20v2/js/jquery-ui.min.js:6:15363)

  • Jessica Brown

    That makes sense! Sorry for the confusion.
    Do you have any documentation as this script is not as self-explanatory as I need it to be?

    • Script Eden

      For developers, how to create a new block is explained in the description above, and now you know how to install, also I shall add installation steps there soon. I think, nothing else to explain there, as, usage of the builder is just drag and drop and hit export button, but please let me know if you have any other question.

  • Jessica Brown

    So just to be clear you provide zero documentation for this script. Correct?

  • Jessica Brown

    The reason I ask is that I am using it in a non-traditional way and need to understand how it works. I love the look and feel you created and it has all the features I need. If you have any documentation it would be appreciated.

  • Nguyễn Văn Huy

    I have uploaded hosting

    1. Press F12 In console of browser display error: “Cannot read property ‘querySelector’ of null at new IsoGrid (main.js:88)”
    Please help me check error

    2. I created a new html block, how to edit this html block so others can edit the text on it when dragging, like the type of button in the html block available.

    3. How do I check the license in the downloaded v2 builder?


  • Nguyễn Văn Huy

    Is there a way to load blocks in a json file?
    I have send mail, However not answered
    Please answer,

  • Courtney

    This looks good. I want the extended license but I will purchase the standard first for testing. Can I upgrade the license? What is the cost to upgrade?

  • Bernard hanna

    I have a pre sales question regarding extended licence I would prefer not to share here, where can I email you? (don’t see a contact button)

  • Mim mim

    I want to buy “Bootstrap Template Builder” and “HTML Builder”.
    I have some questions before buying:
    1. Is the amount mentioned for one payment? Or is it a monthly or annual subscription?
    2. What is the difference between “Standard” and “Extended” License? (Except for installation in a domain)
    3. Can I customize the elements?
    4. Is there an option to add an element?
    5. Is it possible to personalize the script?
    6. Is it possible to translate into other languages?
    7. What are the requirements for installing these scripts?

    Thank you

    • Script Eden

      1. Yes, the amount is for one payment
      2. Standard license is for single site, Extended is for unlimited sites
      3. Yes, instructions are added in the description
      4. Yes, instructions are added in the description
      5. Yes, if you know html, css and javascript well
      6. Yes
      7. It is can be installed and run anywhere with XAMPP or apache server installed.

      Thanks 🙂

  • Mohammad Shaifuddin


  • sangeetha

    when i am checking the demo live view, exporting the page is giving error.Would you know why ?


    hi , i bought the builder and downloaded but it doesnt have any setup file for me or doesn’t start the program

  • Emre

    Hi can I export templates for multisites? For example I made 5 template, can I use these templates for 15 websites?

  • Vipin Sharma


    Want to purchase unlimited version of this product could you let me know:

    1. I can use this product unlimited products, right?
    2. May i resell this product?
    3. If we need any assistance related to this product will it be free or will it be paid?

  • Vipin Sharma


    Want to purchase unlimited version of this product could you let me know:

    1. What is the difference in Version 1 and Version 2 site builder? Is there any functionality changes or new templates added?
    2. What is the different between Version 1 “Unlimited” Licence and Version 2 “Extended” Licence?
    3. Can we resell “Unlimited” or “Extended” Licences?
    3. If we need any assistance related to this product will it be free or will it be paid?

    • Script Eden


      Thanks for your interest in Eden UI

      1 ) There is no functional difference. We added new components in Version 2
      2 ) Same, both license gives permission to use the product on unlimited projects
      3 ) No, you can’t resell the original product. But you can sell a product that is built using this UI.
      4 ) If support doesn’t require code customization it is free

  • Toby Wilson

    Is there any documentation for this?
    We have purchased and have some issues.

  • Nico

    I’m looking for this but with bootstrap 4 elements. Is that possible?

  • Dimiter

    Nice builder. Just purchased it. I have a question, in content mode, shouldn’t I be able to edit text in places like “content section” ?

  • macotrujillo

    Good evening by mistake I purchase the v.1 version, can I upgrade my actual version to v.2 builder ??

  • Orest Khrapko

    Is this still available for sale?

  • micah

    The Drag and Drop website builder is no longer available for sale?

    Also can not find any way to contact you on your website.

  • angela emmons

    Bought and installed but unable to use the builder pass one piece of content. Won’t let me do anything else.

  • angela

    Can it be used in wordpress?

  • Max Star

    Hi I’m interested in this script I have few questions.

    1. Can I import my own html or bootstrap template toedit in this builder ? If so how easy is if to import is there import button or do i just drol my template in 1 if ghe directorys do I need to do any modification before import or editing ?

    2. All the images in demo header images and other images are they come with this script ?

    3. Once I finish editing can I save it as project so I can edit at the later date ?

    4. Exported project us it saved as html file or something else?

    5. His much do you charge for add on for this script I would like option to have logo generator add it to this nothing fancy just something where I upload logo image add text and script let’s me choose style of don’t and if I want to save it it will save it as transparent png file.

    6. Do you offer support and updates for this script if needed ?


    • Mohammad Shaifuddin

      1 = Yes But you must have purchased multiple license.
      2 = Yes.
      3 = No.
      4 = HTML
      5 = as you upload.
      6 = Yes

  • Freespirit

    Really Great support… keep it up!!!!!!


  • Milen

    I want to buy the plugin, but on the demo I cant edit any text. Im on “content” mode enabled but nothing happen when click over the parahraph and headings.
    Is this text editable in the full version of the plugin

  • gerrit

    If I look in the source than I sie bootstrap 3.7 when is there a update to version 4

  • Sam

    If i buy extended licence can i give my users as a service (saas website), so my website users can create and download pr publish websites

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