HTML Email Basics: Optimizing Your Strategy for New Subscribers

Knowing how to appease new subscribers is very important to the success of an HTML email campaign.  Statistics show that people are far more responsive in their first month of subscribing than in the second.  Therefore, it would be wise to make the most of this opportunity to enhance your communications during the period when subscribers are more likely to respond.  Below are a few tips that will help you fine-tune your campaign for the benefit of newcomers.

1. Get in Touch Immediately

We strongly recommend that you greet new subscribers with a welcome message as soon as they sign up and confirm their interest.  A well crafted welcome message reassures them that you are legit and also reduces the likelihood of spam complaints by reminding them that they requested to be on your mailing list.  In order to be effective, this message should contain a personalized message, a special offer or incentive to take some sort of action, and most importantly, a clear path to two-way communications.  Encourage replies to your welcome message and when subscribers come calling, making it a priority to respond in a timely manner.  A speedy response will serve as proof that you care about what your audience has to say.

2. Follow Up

Even if the basis of your HTML email campaign is a newsletter or ezine, it still may be a good idea to follow your welcome message up with a series of automated messages.  For instance, you can program your auto responder to send an email the day people subscribe, and follow that up with another message shortly thereafter.  Sure, your welcome message may have mentioned that the publication is issued on a monthly basis, but the time that lapses in between then could be far too long to keep new subscribers onboard.  There are no guidelines stating that you cannot send your monthly newsletter to subscribers during the introductory stage.  In fact, new sign ups generally have a greater degree of interest at this point and are therefore, considerably more tolerable to higher email frequencies.

3. Develop a Personalization Strategy

As we alluded to above, personalization is very important when it comes to approaching new subscribers.  Prospects would much rather receive an email that makes it feel as if you are speaking directly to them instead of the same general mass produced message you send to everyone else on your list.  There are many ways to make personalization work for your HTML email campaign.  For example, you may want to create customized messages based on the page that encouraged the subscriber to sign up.  So if a visitor was enticed by the ebooks on your “training tools” page, be sure to mention them when greeting that particular subscriber in the message.  You can also personalize your email based on the data you obtain at sign up, provided that you request the right information and segment your list accordingly.

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